1.7 Million Records Target: AcquiredTruly, this season is meant not only for summer – the heat, fun and the sun but also for achievements – elevating the quality and quantity of what Datablazers Inc. (DBI) has to offer. Celebrating its 2nd anniversary, DBI is happy to spread the news that its database has already hit 1.7 million records. Spearheaded by the DBI’s Managing Director and Founder, the business, in a span of two years has already raising its standard on the capacity of what a lead-generation company should provide to its clients.

DBI has been operating since July 2014 composing of two hubs in the Philippines; the Madrigal office – the head office and the Bacolod office – contact center of DBI with over 120 employees. The business, although is in its entrepreneurial-venture stage, is certain of being in the state of stability of permanence in the industry as they see that each of the employees has immense knowledge and is skillful according to what they are designed to execute for the growth of the company.

Outsourcing Director Piper Esguerra is in delight as she sent her message about this achievement “It’s incredible that now our consumer list rental database is now over 1.7 million opted in UK consumers, how time flies and the big thanks is to our agents who have made the calls and the hardwork in acquiring this number.”

What is even to celebrate is not the number of records the company has gained but the fact that progress is within the DBI’s reach only if done through great management, cooperation and communication.

Kudos to the team for such a great mark!

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