DBI as your leads providerPhone calling prospective clients remains a reliable lead generation media. The common notion about B2C telemarketing is its orthodox use in sales and cold calling when it could actually be used creatively and more effectively in business. Despite conception of new ways to procure consumer leads through the Internet and social media, Datablazers’ Inc. (DBI) Customer Contact Centers in the Philippines keep up with the production of fresh and well-classified data.

Here are some of main reasons why you should consider DBI for your UK leads supply:

  1. DBI makes it easier for your business to generate more appointments. Our UK marketing questionnaires could give your business a good opportunity to connect to a lot of qualified prospects. This means our telemarketers facilitate the arrangement for your product or company presentation.
  1. DBI gives you more time for other business activities. Instead of investing time and money on profiling consumers for your sales campaign, utilizing our data supply makes the job easier for you. DBI wants businesses to economize on time, to cut down costs on data acquisition and thus, succeed with their ventures.
  1. DBI’s consumer profile can be used to generate more sales. Our data on existing clients or consumers of certain products or services can be used for continuous marketing activities.  DBI’s phone representatives can help you offer new products/services (cross sell), upgrade subscription (upsell), etc.
  1. DBI can also facilitate follow-up on consumers or clients who have concerns regarding payment or invoice settlement.
  1. DBI’s marketing questionnaires can also smoothen links to inactive subscribers or disgruntled customers. Our friendly and well-trained call center representatives empathize with these types of consumers.  Our UK questionnaires aid in reducing customers’ susceptibility to brand switching or to rejecting products/services.
  1. DBI uses phone calling effectively in informing consumers about brand promos and activities. More knowledge on the products and services could increase patronage, sales, and customer participation in certain events.  DBI believes telemarketing is a personable means of advertising, and it promotes business to consumer interaction.
  1. DBI guides your business in creating your marketing plans. Our marketing questionnaires generate important and classified information on product reviews and feedback on customer service.  These facts are vital for assessing the market and trends.
  1. DBI generates marketing leads constantly. Access to complete and fresh leads is a must for businesses to keep up with the cut-throat sales competition. At DBI, we make sure that we provide data containing necessary information and leads that are up-to-date.
  1. DBI helps you maintain correspondence with interested clients. Your business may have a number of prospects who have emailed or called you about your product or services.  DBI can help you pursue these potential clients so they could be your new customers.  No follow-ups could lead to sales loss.
  1. DBI encourages collaboration on concepts. We team up with our partners in formulating marketing questionnaires before conducting inquiries.  We see to it that the answers being generated from our respondents cater to the sales campaign of our sponsors/partners.

Using DBI’s fresh telephone generated leads can be a profitable and cost-effective way of selling your concepts, services and products.

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