TQVS Welcomes New Acting Call Centre Director, Mark Bergman

Another specialist will be working with DBI executives to further developments in generation of fresh consumer data.  Mark Bergman is the new Call Centre Director for our main contact center.   As a seasoned IT and marketing guy, he has much to offer in guiding the center and in mentoring the young workforce.

Mark decided to render his services to DBI and to direct TVQS operations because he sees it as a company with good support structure and enthusiastic ownership.  With the complex and competitive consumer market, he endeavors to explore and to incorporate more social networking based systems to take advantage of new telecommunications technology in the prospecting processes.   He foresees a variety of creative campaigns.

The past seven years was spent working with other call center companies based in the Philippines.  Thus, Mark has observed Philippine work culture and the technology utilized in these contact centers.  He believes in the competence of Filipino professionals, but he wishes that call center workers would be proud of their jobs and not think of it as a fallback career.

With the influx of more IT-BPO companies in the PH, a lot of young professionals have this notion of call center jobs as a contingency instead of a sustainable and lasting profession.  In effect, the tendency is to switch jobs every now and then.

For TQVS, Mark simply wants to create a happy and motivating workplace.  When call center employees are contented and enthusiastic about their jobs, there’s better efficiency and quality performance.  We think that Mark is the right well-driven person who can lead the company and the employees to more achievements.

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