Body & Mind @DBIRight after sundown, DBI associates loosened up to upbeat music at Datablazer’s first zumba class held January 18, 2017.  Combating burnout is one of the employee welfare highlights of this year.  To keep the workforce physically, mentally, and socially fit, various activities for unwinding will be incorporated.  Zumba was chosen as the group workout mainly for its invaluable benefits – a full-body workout that strengthens the heart, improves coordination, stabilizes mood, and promotes camaraderie.

A weight loss challenge spearheaded by the directors was also introduced weeks ago to increase awareness on weight consciousness.  Awards night for this competition will be on the last day of January.   Although mealtime is a favorite hour at DBI, unhealthy diet is a no-no! As much as possible, we encourage co-workers to prepare nutritious yet easy-to-cook meals for their lunch, snacks, and beverages.  On some weekends, almost everyone sees to it that there are physical activities and if possible, occasional outdoor adventures.

Since wellness is not just being physically sound, we consider other aspects as well. Humor is always present in the workplace.  It is contagious and an instant de-stressor, but good laughs have to be done in moderation.  We try to have healthy discussions on trivia, concepts, and philosophies rather than on personal matters that might affect work relations.  This helps stimulate an analytical sphere among team members too.

Attending to desk-bound jobs five days a week for a certain period would definitely trigger corporate burnout.  We hope that DBI’s preventive wellness programs will keep our best and brightest healthy despite the intensive demands of the BPO industry.

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