Major radiator and boiler manufacturers and foreign competitors dominate the United Kingdom’s central heating systems. Steady growth was observed in the industry’s performance during the past five years in the face of economic instability. UK market analysts predict a 0.5% increase in revenue in 2017. On a global scale, industry experts forecast a compound annual growth rate of 5.5% for the next five years.

Installation of high-efficiency condensing boilers has increased in number since the release of UK’s Building Regulations for England and Wales on energy efficiency in April 2005. Boiler types are generally condensing or non-condensing and are powered by different fuels. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are the main considerations in managing heating systems in UK households. These also could also help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Favorable conditions for the industry include government subsidies on heating systems and schemes to increase energy efficiency. The use of new materials to enhance biomass combustion is continuously advanced. Compliance with environmental regulations is one of the important success factors and market challenge in the boiler manufacturing industry. Low running costs also propels consumer interest in upgrading heating facilities as more than half of household bills are spent on home heating.

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