DBI@3In January, we celebrate Datablazers’  3rd year in the lead generation industry.  As we continue to bank on the optimism of our founders and the hard work of our associates, we have once again provided reliable and quality service to more than 80 clients worldwide.  What we have accomplished in 2016 proves that we are prepped to further our growth.   With the workforce competencies that we have, we are ready to traverse another challenging path to greater heights.

Performance in 2016

From 606, 969 consumer data generated in 2014, DBI now has more than 2.5 million opted-in information from marketing questionnaires conducted for the past 36 months.  Our well-run 120-seat call centres are located in cities included in Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations Worldwide in 2016.  Clientele base has branched out to various regions in the UK.  Our expansion shows how DBI services match the quality of leading data suppliers in the global market.

The latest addition to DBI’s growth is its office expansion at the corporate headquarters.  To advance our goals and to improve client services, DBI always considers a conducive environment for its workforce to ensure quality performance.  In the first quarter of 2017, DBI’s Sales specialists, data miners, and marketing associates will be expanding and will upgrade skills training at Unit 708.

Kickoff meetings of various departments filled the first week of the month.  For a fresh start and before annual plans are discussed further, 2016’s performance has to be assessed.  We inculcate a corporate culture of being self-critical to acknowledge not only our strengths but areas that need substantial improvement.

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