DBI Head of Sales and MarketingSpecialists are rare finds as it takes precious time to train one. Companies strike gold when they chance upon people with expertise needed for their goals.  In March, Chris Mortimore, a seasoned corporate consultant from the United Kingdom, joins DBI executives in consolidating and expanding the company’s pursuits. As Datablazers Inc. is now in fast forward, we continue to integrate highly-skilled management and staff to keep up with quality standards.

Chris spent a weeklong integration with the team at the company headquarters to observe and to supervise actual processes being done at the workplace.  Newly-hired B2B pre-sales associates were lucky to undergo first week training with Chris. He describes the experience as something overwhelming.  Chris believes that the marketing group is young, persistent, and would progress further with time.  For now, the group needs to have a focused target.

This father of two, who has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience from diverse industries for more than a decade, is set to marry the love of his love, Jo, in September.  Before the global recession in 2008, Chris ran his own business, but the economic impacts on small-scale business owners prompted him to do sales for big companies once more.  Nonetheless, he ranked No. 1 in insurance sales for a large financial group and managed a telemarketing firm, which converted into commercial and outsourcing services.

Despite his age and wisdom, Chris sees each new endeavor as a challenge, especially in the first couple of years.  With the variability in global and local trends, he wishes the team more flexibility in dealing with the impacts and changes.  He encourages exploration of new avenues to keep up with the times.  Going on the right track and persistence has a lot of promises on the road, he says.

Before Chris and Jo left for the UK on Friday night, DBI associates surprised the couple with a ‘food challenge’.  They had a taste of some Filipino delicacies — quail eggs, the meat dish “dinuguan”, rice cakes with salted egg on top, and the egg dish known as “balut”.   Although balut is considered a disgusting or odd delicacy, Chris and Jo managed to do well with the challenge.

After the short welcome ceremony and the well wishes, Chris proudly stated that his weeklong stay with the DBI team has cemented his solid decision of joining the company!

Welcome Chris! We’re glad to have you lead the Sales and Marketing Team!

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