Most workers look forward to the values their workplace upholds. If they feel that the firm they work for does not respect social or environmental values, they find ways to alter the culture or seek employment elsewhere. Recent research shows disconnect in workplace culture and beliefs in young workers as another reason for leaving their current job.

For baby boomers and the generation X, job-hopping creates a negative impression on the job applicant’s profile. However, since the 2008 financial crises, short-lived employment is no longer a stigma. Reasons for job-hopping include being underpaid for one’s skill set, job mismatch, work-life balance dissatisfaction, and so on. The new study shows another tendency observed among millenials who seem to consider values in the industry as a factor affecting job retention.

This study conducted by scientists at the University of Missouri (UM) aimed to observe workers’ values in relation to corporate sustainability.  The young generation of workers is known for having enthusiasm and knowledge of advanced technology.  They are also open-minded and taught to advocate pro-social and pro-environmental values.  Thus, they are more likely to leave their jobs if the principles they uphold are being ignored in their place of work.

Employees at apparel and textile corporate supply chains were interviewed for the study.  The workers stated that they are likely to quit their jobs if the company they work for publicly advertised their adherence to environmental legislations but adopts manufacturing processes that cause environmental pollution and pose safety and health risks both to workers and product users.

Findings in this research demonstrate how the current generation’s social and ethical expectations in the industry they work for could affect loyalty and retention.  Therefore, for businesses to retain and to employ the best workers, they have to live up to corporate social responsibility. Transparency in a company’s initiative to assess and to take responsibility for the effects of their business operations on the environment and social being makes workers proud of the company they work for.

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