dbi-baby-showerMaternity is one of the highly regarded life events at Datablazers. DBI celebrates life and empowers expectant working moms! The fast-paced business world may seem unsympathetic when working women are in their pregnancy because of the immediate effects on productivity.

But at DBI, we make sure policies concerning maternity are always mutually beneficial both to the company and to the employees. Pregnancy may have certain effects on an expectant mother’s efficiency. The gesture of reassuring work superiors and coworkers that the pregnancy will not disrupt proficiency usually takes place in most companies.

On November 15, 2016, DBI threw a baby-shower party for one of our valued (MIS) Reports Specialists, Vanice Galicia. She is expecting her first child due on the first week of December. Throughout the whole pregnancy, Vhan managed to carry on with work despite the typical discomforts – going through morning sickness, cravings, periods of nausea, handling fatigue and squeezing in consultations with the doctor. Her immediate supervisor took the intitiative to suggest how associates could help cover up for the tasks she would be leaving for the meantime.

Vhan’s surprise party is the first baby-shower in DBI history. It was a momentous occassion for Vhan and her husband, who was invited as well. Well wishes and gifts were given.

Most of our current DBI associates will be embracing marriage life a few years from now. For now, these young professionals content themselves with being godparents (so-called ninongs and ninangs) until they realise that they have these huge list of godchildren expecting presents for the yearend holidays.

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