Business organizations that constantly invest in its people’s training and development stay on the competitive spot.  At Datablazers Inc., we make sure that our pool of talents is provided the learning and guidance to boost the company’s ability to adopt and use new technology in work efficiency.   With skills training, our employees will feel more confident and self-reliant in their corporate roles and will comprehend responsibilities more effectively.

As digital marketing becomes more prevalent in today’s industries, it is important for companies to level up to changes brought about by progress in computerized systems.  Profitable promotion of one’s brand and services on the Internet entails more than creation of attractive images and compelling content.  Navigation and strategizing on various electronic channels require studying advancement in systems and processes.

For several months now, DBI has been investing on courses for the Digital Marketing team.  From Search Engine Optimization, Analytics, Platforms for Managing Social Media, to Content Management Systems (CMS).  Just recently, Head of Digital Marketing, Steven Schoolmeesters, and another associate, Melanie Andrada got certified for completing a 30-hour course on WordPress.  Big companies worldwide use this versatile CMS to power their websites.  The Digital Marketing Team wants to make the best of useful software to enhance marketing platforms.

Maximising free online tutorials and webinars is also encouraged among co-workers, not because knowledge is needed for the company goals, rather because DBI wants its employees to acquire flexibility and resilience to unforeseen industry changes.  Gaining awareness and experience also increases sense of self worth as employees realize their relevance to the company and to the economy as well.

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