DBI Celebrates 2nd YearWith utmost gratitude and appreciation to its clients and its people, Datablazers Inc. (DBI) celebrates its 2nd year as a lead-generation business in the Philippines.

Given that it is a start-up company and is now in the phase of establishing its name and elevating the number of records and clients acquired and composing of 25 employees based in the head office, DBI powerfully deems of becoming a large business in the country. The company forecasts of being a legacy and to begin with, it is truly a great advantage for the company to hire fresh graduates as they know that they can shape it to what type of employees how they desire and need these grads to be – helping them to enrich the business as it makes it reputation and credibility to the industry.

Within six months, DBI has already turned into a profitable company. And as the company stands today, it has no debts and has no borrowed finance proving how flourishing the years that had passed and how fruitful the employees’ hardwork and coordination are.

With great years of experience of the Directors Piper Esguerra and Joanne Valdez in the business, definitely, in no time, DBI will hit targets and expand its hubs employing people with suitable skills and providing a vast number of data to clients.

“I cannot be more proud on how the team has been doing for the past two years. They have really been such an amazing support system to the company and its success. From three starting members, I am very glad that we are now at over 120 people serving 80 different companies in different countries. And the growing number of family members we have here at DBI only equivalents to growing business and countless years of success.” said Client Services Director Joanne Valdez.

Together, with everyone’s excellent customer service and coordination, DBI will conquer numbers of years in the industry moving other aspiring companies to continue running and operating business for a greater cause – its people.

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