On October 10, 2016 at the Muntinlupa Court House in Alabang, the cases against DBI’s two former employees was finally settled with justice. The offenders conceded on the case of Breach of Contact and of Non-Compete Clause. Consequently, both former employees have written and signed an apology addressed to the DBI team, to DBI clients and to the Directors of Datablazers. This also includes an extension of their non-complete and a sizeable monetary penalty.

The DBI directors were pleased with the court’s final judgement and that the truth prevailed. “We hope that the two of them will change their lives moving forward, and this is really more for them that they have accepted our terms that have saved themselves from a possible jail term if all the cases had flourished in trial. We hold no malice against them as they have admitted their wrongful doing…. greed became too much for them,” DBI Directors have stated.

“Unless the extension of their non-complete is breached, DBI sees this issue as now closed.”

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