dbi-happy-feetBenevolence comes naturally as the season of hope nears. DBI takes part in spreading love with its yearend Happy Feet Charity – a donation drive for poverty-stricken children in Metro Manila. This December to mid-January, a portion of our proceeds from DBI’s client orders will be allotted for buying kids’ footwear.

The charity will definitely foster generosity and social awareness among the employees, promote the company’s services, and add to client loyalty.  Playing a part in this noble cause makes the year more relevant for DBI management and staff, especially if the activity benefits children.

Typically, kids are the happiest during the Christmas Season because they are showered with toys, new clothes and other presents.  However, it is a sad reality that the impoverished tend to be deprived of the material perks of the Yuletide.  At DBI, we have this sense of social responsibility to celebrate Christmas by considering those who have less in life.

Durable and comfortable footwear is a basic necessity, but the poorest families seldom have the means to buy a new pair for themselves because food and other needs are of more importance.  Oftentimes, we could see young children on the streets playing or wandering barefooted.  Worst is some young schoolchildren hesitate going to school because of worn-out shoes or slippers.

It will be a heart-warming experience for those in the business world to surprise these kids with new footwear and other small presents.  The gesture gives these children hope – that despite the harshness and coldness of living a poor life in the city, there are still those who genuinely care about community.

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