Since January, the whole DBI organization integrated new processes, systems, and experts dedicated to improvement of service quality.

Chris Mortimore, a credentialed manager, who has created at least 12 competent field-based sales teams working with medium to large-scale corporations in the UK, now directs Datablazers’ Sales and Marketing Department.

Another specialist is Mike Allen, Head of Commercial and Development, a newly created division, which aims to specialize in improved sales processes.   DBI’s Client Services Department gets fortified as well with the addition of Bong Park as Campaigns Supervisor.

In May, DBI officially opened its Digital Desk with Steven Schoolmeesters as Head of Digital Marketing and Content. Datablazers constantly integrates digital platforms in the company’s processes to improve our services.   This advancing technology involves the use of different techniques for us to maximize digital and non-Internet channels in interacting with clients and in generating responsive consumer leads.  In doing so, we make sure that business communications remain personable and customer-oriented.  DBI will continue to uphold laws on data protection and consumer privacy as we correspond with you through various media.

DBI associates are motivated to learn new things and to work with you!

The incorporation of powerhouse and mentors, restructuring of divisions for further improvement, demonstrates DBI’s competence in providing reliable consumer data.  As we increase sales and meet new clients, we make sure that DBI products and services meet the standards of top data suppliers.

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