(Response to Ofcom’s Statement on Persistent Misuse)

With the utilization of advancing technology in massive business communications, handling customer service should progress as well.  However, with further development has come a new complaint such as persistent misuse of modern telecommunications that annoy and cause inconvenience on the part of customers or prospects being engaged by contact centers or data industries.

DBI is a data company that strictly observes government policies on customer contact.  We do not condone unethical practices of silent calling, dropping or abandoning calls.  DBI is persistent in getting in touch with a multitude of responsive UK consumers. In doing so, we reaffirm our values in response to Ofcom’s December 16 Statement: “General Policy on the Exercise of Enforcement Powers on Persistent Misuse”. The Ofcom declaration gives emphasis on the main points describing the nature of misconducts in business communications and the corresponding sanctions to be enforced by March 1, 2017.

In unity with the Ofcom statement, DBI has also released its response to the December 2016 publication. It contains a detailed description of how the company ensures courtesy and flexibility in managing of business communications.

Here are some of the excerpts from the DBI release:  

  • DBI calls either landline or mobile numbers once every 73 hours this ensures that we are not causing any inconvenience or anxiety to the consumer. In addition to this we choose not to use answer machine detection so not to create false positives. 
We call showing a Command Line Interface (CLI), we leave a message when the consumer is not there and if the consumer wishes they can call us back on the number left where if they wish they can opt out of receiving calls from us.
  • DBI has decided to start saving Call Detail Records the list of calls made showing the numbers called and the frequency of the calls to each number. Due to the volume of data we will be keeping archived 12 weeks’ work of data.
  • DBI does not spoof CLI, in fact we welcome consumers who identify themselves as not wanting calls as it will save us time and money in the future calling them, we welcome consumers that cannot see the benefit of completing a marketing questionnaire. 
DBI does not work in any way with any premium or profit sharing numbers.

These details demonstrate how DBI adheres the points reiterated by the Ofcom in its reinforcement of the Policies on Persistent Misuse of Telecommunications Technology in Business Communications.

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