Effective Telepphone Selling

Company representatives must remember how important VOICE is to win telephone sales. It is the main implement being used throughout a business conversation.  Therefore, a voice must sound pleasant and captivating to the consumers.  Here are some of the elements, Datablazers Inc. (DBI) considers to improve voice quality while generating fresh telephone consumer leads.


Some studies cited TONE as one of the important elements in human conversations aside from visual factors and words.  Oftentimes, people speak words that are pleasant, but their tone may sound sarcastic, sad, or boring.  On the phone, visual aids are not available, so the manner in which the caller speaks (and not what he says) is vital to a successful talk.  The company representative must have an engaging tone and should avoid sounding dull or uncommunicative.


Individuals have various voice pitch, and there are certain ranges with which to lower or to raise one’s pitch.  In a phone conversation, it is best to settle with one’s natural pitch and then modify pace and delivery of words.  This would make the caller sound sincere and pleasant while conversing with consumers or prospects.


With the absence of other non-verbal features during a phone call, inflection is needed to liven up communication and to make it easier for the caller to describe the concepts being discussed.  Inflection is placing emphasis on certain words when speaking. This is intended to denote various emotions. For example, when a telemarketer uses a “sing-song” accent, the consumer may not get that interested or convinced.  The same reaction may occur when the caller speaks in monotone.  For company representatives to sound competent, moderate amounts of inflection is suggested.  Salespersons must learn how to balance a rising and downward voice to communicate effectively with consumers and prospects.


Clear enunciation is important in conveying concepts succinctly.  A company representative may sound ineffective when the prospect or consumer spoken to always requests for repetition of things being said.  Despite the effort to convey the message fast, telemarketers should observe clarity in their speech – avoid mumbling, slurring, and using slang jargons.


New audio technology makes it easier for phone conversations to sound naturally clear.  When making business calls, especially with the use of sensitive equipment, telemarketers should be conscious of how loud or how soft they speak, and how loud they breathe.  To sound competent, it is best to be in one’s natural speaking voice. Talking too loudly implies assertiveness, and this may intimidate prospects or consumers.  Speaking too softly on the other hand may suggest timidity, and this could make the company representative sound ineffectual to the person being called.

At DBI’s Call Centers in the Philippines, workplace programs promote enrichment of business communication skills.  Also, we foster an atmosphere that encourages personnel development and from actual lead generation activities. The workforce conducts performance evaluation on a regular basis to ensure that proficiency meets international standards.

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