DBI Words and Phrases That MatterCHOICE of WORDS play an important role in establishing successful business conversations over the phone in addition to the company representative’s tone.  When generating consumer leads and during telemarketing, it is crucial for the caller to select appropriate jargons and phrases to direct a conversation effectively and politely.

Datablazers Inc. (DBI) makes tens of thousands business calls daily.  To generate reliable consumer data, we make sure that our call center representatives in the Philippines are well-trained in business communications.


Expressions That Capture and Sustain Interest in a Conversation

Always start and end a business call with a short and polite greeting such as “Hi, Hello, Congratulations, and Have a Nice Day!” Acknowledging the consumer or a prospect by mentioning his/her name sparks a good opening as well.  Throughout the conversation, humility is a notable virtue.  Using ‘please’, ‘kindly’ and ‘thank you’ may sound cliché, but mention them occasionally as a sign of courtesy. Recognizing limitation by saying “I’m not certain about that.” or stating apology with “I’m sorry…” are some sincere expressions that could sustain a worthwhile discussion.


Phrases That Annoy People

Company representatives have to watch out for expressions that might turn people off during a business call.  Although it is unavoidable to encounter disinterest and confusion during a conversation, the caller should not utter phrases such as “Get the point?” because it implies arrogance. Customers or clients should not feel intimidated just because they could not grasp the message or concept being conveyed at once. Callers have to be more considerate. The call should be focused on the consumer/prospect and his/her concerns and interests, not the company representative’s! Thus, the telemarketer or call center representative should avoid using the personal pronoun “I, me, mine” oftentimes as well.


Probing Questions

For customers or prospects to open up and talk more about themselves, their needs, and their interest in the discussion, a company representative should ask questions.  Oftentimes, consumers encounter similar questions from other sales call, so they may answer them briefly and uninterestingly.  Therefore, the salesperson’s interpersonal skills comes in to connect well with the consumer or prospect. He/she should not sound imperative or boring either when probing. Here are some questions that could generate more insightful answers from the consumer – “Why?”  “Can you tell me more about it?” “How do you feel?” “Could you explain a bit more?”   Again, the emphasis is on gathering more information about the consumers—their needs and their current situation; it’s not discussing further about the product or service being sold.


What to Say When Being Requested Further Clarification

When potential clients or consumers show interest in a marketing question or even in a sales presentation, the company representative should respond sincerely.  Product knowledge in a sales process is important, but a telemarketer may not always have the answers to the consumers’ query.  During such circumstance, a humble response starting with “Pardon me, I may not…” may be used to sustain interest. Also, the caller should not always assume comprehension of every response that comes from the consumers.  He/she should always confirm what they mean by their answers.


DBI’s UK questionnaires are created to make business conversations interesting and successful. With continuous training in business communications, our call center representatives are more equipped with the skills they need to handle various consumers in the UK market.

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