Debt Management Leads

Fresh Telephone Generated DEBT MANAGEMENT Leads

Debt settlement does not have to be a difficult process for both debtors and creditors. We at DBI, facilitate debt negotiations by providing creditors or credit counseling agencies the necessary information on a consumer’s current credit standing.

DBI’s data supply on Credit and Finance contains records on an individual’s credit score or even their state of bankruptcy. Should you be interested in obtaining other important info, we suggest creating a specific marketing questionnaire for your campaign. Whichever strategy you propose, DBI will be willing to talk it over to help your company create feasible debt management plans for potential clients.

We carry out our marketing research all over the UK. To assess the target market objectively, we consider participation of ages from 18 to 74 for this example study. First, we clarify our intent and inform the respondents that a marketing representative may contact them thereafter based on their response to questions. Next, if the interviewee corresponds well, we ask them their basic personal information such as full name, age, home address & status of ownership, and phone numbers etc.


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Q1. The next question is on behalf of (Your brand). Could I ask are your struggling to make ends meet with loans, credit cards, store cards and bills to pay?

Answer: Yes

Important Statistics on UK’s Household Finances

  • Household debt escalates to a record of £1.5 trillion from incurring £30k on unsecured debts and mortgages. That would be an average of £55,683 per household.
  • As of September 2016, UK adults have racked up an average debt of £29,770, which is equivalent to 113.3% of their earnings. Annual growth on private debts hits £1,036 per adult, 2.8% of which is attributed to unsecured debts.
  • For personal debts, total repayments on INTERESTS alone over a year would be £51.135 BILLION or £1,013 for every individual.
  • Gross mortgage lending rises to £20.5 billion in September according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders estimates. Each household pays an average £3,252 annually for mortgages.
  • From £176.3 billion in September 2015, outstanding consumer credit increased by 6.8% in 12 months.
  • From June to August 2016, 1, 322 individuals a day have declared bankruptcy.
  • The unemployment rate for July to September 2016 based on the Office of National Statistics findings is 4.8%. (Around 1.6 million Britons)