Raw Data Purchase
Consumers have every right to opt out unwanted sales and marketing calls. However, they also have to be informed of the benefits of any products or services to help them with their choices. That should be what marketing calls are all about – keeping consumers informed.

To keep your business focused on the right market, it is wise to get a list of consumers who are not on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) or those who have opted into the brands we endorse. This saves you time and expenditure as you refrain from engaging uninterested and irate prospects over the phone.

Our dedicated compliance and customer care team ensures the rigid updating of our DNC list each day. This is to quickly action all requests raised by individuals who no longer wish to be contacted by any telesales agent.


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In our four years of doing business, we have not had a single form of TPS complaint or investigation on related matters. We are registered with the ICO and as a company, we continue to uphold the guidelines of the 1998 Data Protection Act.

What’s In It For Your Business?

  • Having a DNC list helps you conduct campaigns on responsive and attentive prospects.
  • Engaging receptive prospects keeps telesales agents perky and optimistic during a call. This could boost sales activity.
  • The DNC List can protect you from purchase and utilization of data that have not been cleansed making you vulnerable to respondents who do not want unsolicited sales calls.
  • Dialling consumers on the TPS could initiate a series of complaints. It is better to be informed and to prevent dealing with such concerns over the customer service lines.

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