Having a Worthwhile Career at DBIEvery company personnel is indispensable despite today’s corporate coping mechanisms during periods of staff resignation.  At Datablazers Inc., we commend each employee’s hard work and contributions to the business operations.  Also, we regard everyone’s stay worthwhile whether it is short-lived or long-term.

A few weeks ago, one of our valuable personnel, Jean Garcia, bid the DBI family farewell as she has been offered another promising opportunity abroad.  Jean’s career at DBI may be less than a year but it remains invaluable as she gained relevant work experience and learning as a part of the company during its formative to its fast-growing stage.  She as well devoted sincere effort and time in her assigned position.

Competition has become tougher in the corporate sphere with the emergence of digital media.   Consequently, huge and small corporations battle to capture the best manpower to sustain their business operations. And with these, young professionals are more likely to move from one career to another because of various opportunities being offered locally and abroad.

Even so, we at DBI welcome this trend and make sure that we continue to hone competent corporate leaders and apprentices.  The workforce may come and go, but the bastion of competency remains with a stable company that allows growth amongst its workers.

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