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Most often, vacationists spend a considerable amount of time looking for the best value travel deals. However, not all holiday packages are promoted in detail on the web or by travel agencies. To choose the best travel package suited for one’s finances and expectations, potential clients should be well-informed of what the deal has to offer.

Datablazers Inc. (DBI) can help your travel agency or service connect to more prospective vacationers. You may request supply of classified data suited for your specific promo. Or, you may choose to talk to us, so we can develop a promotional questionnaire intended to boost travel bookings.

We carry out our marketing questionnaires all over the UK. To assess the target market objectively, we consider participation of ages 18 to 64 for this particular study. First, we clarify our intent and inform the respondents that a marketing representative may contact them thereafter based on their response to questions. Next, if the interviewee corresponds well, we ask them their basic personal information such as full name, age, home address & status of ownership, and phone numbers etc.


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Q1. The next question is on behalf of (Your brand). How do you normally book your holiday?

Possible Answer/s: Online, Travel Agent, TV travel channels, magazine

Q2. Where are you planning to go on holiday next year?

List of holiday destinations

The recent World Travel Market 2016 Industry Report presented indicators showing optimism in the holiday and leisure travel industry. About 67% of UK citizens had a holiday in 2016. Two thirds of UK’s travel sectors expect relevant growth of 21% by 2017 — increased bookings and global travels citing China, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Cuba and Tunisia as some of the emerging destinations.

Foreseen effects of the Brexit vote does not exclude the travel industry. Holidaymakers expect higher costs on their travel as businesses are most likely to increase prices with the exit from the European Union.

Nearly, 59% of UK holidaymakers think that travel industry should be in the forefront of responsible tourism rather than the government. Britons cited sustainability and environment as deciding factors in holiday destination selection.