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Fresh Telephone Generated Home Improvement Leads

More of today’s consumers rely on commercialized home improvement services and products to refurbish their houses and gardens. People, especially that of the younger generation, are quite busy with work and other hectic schedules that they barely have time to do “do-it-yourself” home repairs, landscaping, or setting-up new equipment.

Datablazers Inc. (DBI) can furnish your company home improvement sales leads of UK households interested in renovating or enhancing their homes. We have classified leads of young workers and professionals, who are likely to seek third-party professional help for home improvement or completion of a project they have started. DBI can also create your preferred marketing questionnaire intended to promote your services for you to gain more clients.
We carry out our marketing questionnaires all over the UK. To assess the target market objectively, we consider participation of ages 18 to 64 for this particular study. Homeownership status is reviewed as well. First, we clarify our intent and inform the respondents that a marketing representative may contact them thereafter based on their response to questions. Next, if the interviewee corresponds well, we ask them their basic personal information such as full name, age, home address & status of ownership, and phone numbers etc.


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SAMPLE QUESTION for Home Improvement Leads

Q1. The next question is on behalf of (Your brand). Are you looking at refurbishing, upgrading or making improvements on any of the following within the next 6 months; Kitchen, Bathroom, Conservatory, Living Room, Garage or Bedroom?

The answer we would deliver to you = YES

In recent years, UK home improvement market conditions are better after Britons experienced a mild period of inflation, falling incomes, and rising unemployment. The 2016-2020 Analysis by AMA Research presents steady growth in the industry from 2012 to 2015 brought about by economic recovery and favorable summer weather from 2013. Garden and urban landscaping are some of the sectors contributing to 20% of home improvement product sales. Other supplies such as electrical, construction materials, hardware, and ornaments have increased business as well.

However, following the European Union referendum, experts forecast a recession in the major sectors from 2016-2020. Factors such as rising costs of mortgage and new housing, consumer tendency to opt for DIY jobs and to cutback expenditure on home improvement have slowed down the industry’s growth. Moreover, tradesmen offering services at reasonable prices predict uncertainty in the business as there could be shortage of skills which is usually outsourced from other EU countries.

To keep up with the current pace and with changes in consumer behavior, specialized sectors and retailers of the home improvement industry have been modifying their business strategies.