Sr. Database Specialist

As a Senior Database Specialist at DBI, my focus is on checking all deliveries and ensuring that all the data are sent on time and properly in accordance with the client’s restriction. Analyzing our clients’ needs and collecting the necessary data needed for their campaigns is a crucial daily task. I could see myself in the corporate battlefield. At the forefront, I need to be on combat footing and equipped with the right tools to accomplish whatever has to be done.

My leisure time is spent watching movies and reading motivational publications. As a young professional, I have several aspirations that I hope to attain in this lifetime. This may sound cliché, but I too would someday travel places around the globe. There is so much to learn and to explore in other cultures and race. My first stop would probably be in Japan where I could enjoy viewing the grandeur of the cherry blossoms in the South during early time of the year.

Achievements can be reached. To do so, I just need to believe I could. Believing is the first giant step to be halfway the goal. More importantly, I put God above everything else and blessings are sure to pour.