Admin and Accounts OfficerAdmin and Accounts Officer

As an Administrative and Finance Officer at DBI, my work is not an ordinary job that one person may adopt that easily. As I raise and follow-up invoices with our clients, I also have to make sure that the office is clean and organized.  This is what motivates me to do my best at all times.   I carry a cheery disposition at the office, so co-workers tend to reciprocate this with warmth and optimism.  There are things though I find them forgetful at every now and then, probably because of being too preoccupied with work. One of which is keeping some of the house rules.  Another perhaps is expressing gratitude genuinely.  The British inspirational writer, James Allen, once wrote, “No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.”

During my leisurely time off work, I still manage to follow-up on work-related stuff such as checking my e-mails, raising invoice to clients, calling on the custodial officer to monitor whether the office is well-maintained, etc.  Of course, weekends would not be complete unless I spend it with family and with other personal activities.

In this lifetime, I try sharing love to others and expect being loved in return.  Love for other people is a good social investment, and there’s more to it than what we get from monetary returns.  Just like any other dreamer, I have several things in my bucket list – a world travel would be an epic experience. Another synonymous goal is secured retirement.  Thus, I try to achieve much at the moment to fulfill these dreams.  Only with the completion of my objectives in life will I be able to achieve one of the most sought lifetime goals – happiness.