Client Services AssociateSr. Client Services Specialist

My time off work is spent mostly with family.  I would rather maximise these days doing the usual yet significant activities with my son and my husband.  In setting my life goals, I always regard them.  Securing a home is of utmost importance.  I strive to buy my own house and lot, a place where we could share lifetime memories.  Having our own car would take us places around the country as well.  My son’s 7th birthday is several years from now; I would make it possible to take him to Hong Kong Disneyland to celebrate this milestone in his young life.Living will not always be that easy.  I always pray for endurance and persistence to succeed in life.  Here is another maxim that motivates me in a purpose-driven direction – “Attract what you expect. Reflect what you desire; become what you respect; mirror what you admire.”

Most people would love flaunting their success.  If I work hard, my achievements can speak for me.