Head of Sales and Marketing

I started working with DBI as of March.  As a partner, it has been a pleasure to find a company that not only cares, but also is always ready to help.  Before the global recession in 2008, I ran my own business, but the economic impacts on small-scale business owners prompted me to do sales for big companies once more.  Nonetheless, I ranked No. 1 in insurance sales for a huge firm and managed a telemarketing company, which converted into commercial and outsourcing services.

When away from work, I like going out for dinner with my fiancée, Jo. I also go to the gym to keep fit and in the summer, I play baseball for a team in Long Eaton. Someday, I would visit New York and watch the NY Yankees.  Or go to Australia and New Zealand to watch England play. Either of them plays Cricket.  I hope to have enough money when I retire to visit the whole of Europe and consume as much of the cultures that I possibly can.

My life mantra is – Passion, Pride and Belief. Joining DBI is a new endeavor — a challenge for the first couple of years.  I just wish the team more flexibility in facing the impacts and challenges of variability in market trends.  We just need to explore new avenues, be on-track because persistence has a lot of promises on the road.