Reports Specialist

Working at Datablazers is a great learning experience. Every day you keep learning new things and making new experiences that can maximize and enhance your skills as an individual. As one of MIS associate (reports specialist), my duty is to ensure that all of my reports are always sent right on time and are of good quality. Another task is monitoring the dialer daily and making sure that the agents’ calls are connected and have a data to call. As we handle different challenges at work every day, I try to be flexible enough to handle and troubleshoot tough and different situations. Even at hard times, we still manage to have some fun at the same time and accomplish our duties and responsibilities throughout the entire shift.

During days off work, I usually play basketball and computer games. Sometimes, I watch anime series and movies.
There are things I want to accomplish in this lifetime such as establishing a stable family business and having my own house. I wish to travel the world because I want to experience different cultures and to see the wonders of the world. “The difference between a successful person and others is not lack of strength, not lack of knowledge, but rather lack of will.” Take risks and if you win, then you’ll be happy, but if you lose, you’ll be wise.