Quality and Audit Supervisor

Client satisfaction would be at stake if recordings are not of quality standards.  As DBI’s Compliance and Audit Specialist, I have to make sure that these voice recordings meet the necessary requisites before being delivered to our clients.  Funny how it seems that it is my vital job to fix these recordings even if I have nothing to do with the glitches. Well, I have to pat my back at certain times knowing that I could still manage to breeze through most of my tasks.

During days off work, I would usually spend time playing, watching movies, and even doing household chores with my son.  He is my best buddy, and he keeps me motivated to pursue my goals in life. I fancy my son celebrating his 7th birthday a few years from now in Hong Kong Disneyland.

As a young professional, I have high regard for the essence of struggle.  Going through some of these does not mean failure in one’s life pursuits.  Achieving great success always involves defined moments of struggle.  I still strive for self-improvement and hope that I would, in the near future, be able to drive an aircraft.  But for now, I will just have to gratify my simple wishes. A holiday adventure – playing paintball game in an eco-friendly amusement park would be time worth spending with my family.