Founder / Director

At DBI, we begin as business partners. But ultimately, our goal is that we end up being friends. In Client Services, we do our best to help you heighten your business goals, be partners with you to understand the industry and the campaigns, see or create opportunities together and even at the worst times, we also share the hard lessons to be learned.

Some say, I am always the “bridesmaid” but never the bride (well, not yet!). I can say that my work is like being a bridesmaid to attend to the bride’s needs, making sure everything is nice and lovely and the bride (our clients) is the fairest of them all. I can also be a handyman who tries to check where the leaks and problems are and tries to fix it. I am a human spongebob because I absorb all vibes – negative or positive – and still emerge with a face like Charlie Chaplin.

People say that chains are not good because they symbolize control. When I see chains, I see opportunities. Look closer and you will see “connections”, “links” and “interaction”. When we utilise these links and interact with people, we fuel creativity and innovation and the best and brightest ideas in the world come into play. We are connected into this digital realm and by looking at things differently and yet remain in one direction, we invite perfection.

I love to make short stops in the bookstore, supermarket and hardware. I go crazy with colourful pens and DIY stuff! When at home, I bring myself to a different dimension of my artistry – I play 3D puzzles and often transform myself into a Panda…. because Panda’s can sleep anywhere!

My life mantra? I am guided by grit, fortitude and lastly, grace amidst pressure.