Sr. Reports Specialist

As an Accounts Specialist, I directly coordinate with DBI’s Source Partners, so we could provide the appropriate services needed for their campaigns.  In addition, I also initiate proposals for DBI’s marketing questionnaire.  Most of the time, I manage to accomplish things efficiently, but I can be a bit anxious during times needing troubleshooting.  I keep my composure and act as if I were the overconfident duckling, Ming-ming in the anime’, Wonder Pets.  Teamwork is basically what we need to get things done proficiently.

My time off work is usually spent getting enough rest, indulging in nutritive meals, and watching TV shows.  Not only do I work passionately, I pursue my life goals wholeheartedly as well.  Pursuits can be achieved, as long as I strive and set my own deadlines.  Traveling the world is a favorite aspiration, and I think people simply want to meet other nationalities and to have a feel of what it is to be in certain countries.

For me, special people indeed make life worth living. My mom has been a very good mentor from my childhood days to my young professional life.  I wish to build her a farm garden resort, where she could spend the rest of her senior years.  In my wishful thinking, I could see myself exchanging vows with my loved one at the beach, someday.