Quality and Audit Supervisor

At first, I told myself that working in the call center industry would be my last resort.  On second thought, I suppose I should give it a try. Eventually, I got hired when I applied for work at TQVS and ended up landing a job in the Quality Assurance team after sometime, a role quite challenging for me. Basically, a QA has to make sure that every agent follows the proper call flow.  I listen to calls thoroughly, jot down all the infractions committed by the agent (if any) based on the standard QA parameters, and coach the agent afterwards (if needed) just to make sure that the job is done efficiently and that clients are happy.

After a busy workweek, I normally watch movies and animes. I also cook or hang out with friends whenever they tag me along.  If given the chance to experience things I haven’t done yet, I have several in mind. One is to get inked by Whang Od, the oldest traditional tattoo artist in the Philippines or the last Mambabatok of the Butbut tribe in Kalinga Apayao. Another would be to live like and among Buddhist monks and last would be to seek thrill in skydiving.

We only live once and should make the best out of this life.  I think many people forget the essence of living, and so they fail to live life to the fullest.