Founder / Director

I have started my career in the BPO as a call centre agent way back 2000, from there I told myself that I will move up and will start learning new things. I remember the question of the recruitment officer “How do you see yourself after five years?” and my response is … “I will be your Manager” and gave her a smile (not a grin) Five years after, I left that company I came back to them – no longer as an agent but as their Client for the UK Marketing Questionnaire. I was their Client for more than 2 years and the rest is history.

I am a follower of accelerated methodologies. Think-tanking. Rapid prototyping. Challenging ideas through testing. But keeping it together by acknowledging the root ideas, accepting what works and doing more of it, learning what does not and changing it.

Now as a Director, I always remind myself on how I started and how grateful I am for the things that I have accomplished in my career and my contributions to the lives of other people whom I have worked with. But it will not stop here. DBI serves as an instrument for me to continue to inspire others to dream and make themselves the reality of their vision of themselves.

When not working, you will either find me in a movie house or in a beach resort. If given more time, I would love to travel back to the UK or perhaps Japan, USA or Italy.

I believe in the power of hard work and passion in others. It is only through hard work that we can achieve our goals. But it is our burning passion to help others that we learn to extend a piece of ourselves so that others can also achieve their goals.