Recently, there has been greater demand for disability and mobility aids in the UK market due to a rise in the number of individuals with disability. And for the elderly, who have lengthened life expectancy, these aids provide them the option to remain at their own homes rather than move to senior assisted living.  Of around 11.9 million disabled people in the UK, 57% have mobility impairments.  Nearly 40% are of ages 19 to 59 years old.  Persons living with disabilities of these age groups are most likely to depend on mobility aids for sustained social and economic involvement.

More advances in these healthcare products make living encouraging for those with limited mobility.  Also, market improvements and government regulations on sales of mobility aids reassure disabled people access to better equipment suited for their needs.

If your products and services cater to making life easier and safer for persons living with disabilities, we offer you fresh, reliable consumer data on mobility impairment. Currently, DBI has a total of 54, 289 generated responses from marketing questionnaires we have conducted.  You may opt to maximize this list for rental or suggest ideas for your own telesales.

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