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Fresh Telephone Generated Mortgage and Property Loans Leads

Various marketing strategies can be done to generate improved mortgage leads. We at Datablazers Inc. (DBI) help you capture the leads you need by focusing on frequently requested data on home and mortgage. We can customize the list according to your marketing plans whether you’re a mortgage broker, a loan originator, bank manager or any financial firm searching for potential mortgage or refinancing clients.

DBI conducts marketing inquiries regularly and generates up-to-date records of mortgage holders, the type of mortgage loans, households who may be interested in purchasing a home, and other sorting usually engaged in and within the mortgage market.

We carry out our marketing questionnaires all over the UK, to assess the target market objectively. We consider participation of ages from 25 to 64 for this particular study. First, we clarify our intent and inform the respondents that a marketing representative may contact them thereafter based on their response to questions. Next, if the interviewee corresponds well, we ask them their basic personal information such as full name, age, home address & status of ownership, and phone numbers etc.


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SAMPLE QUESTION for Mortgage and Loans Leads

Q1. The next question is on behalf of (Your brand). Do you have a variable rate mortgage?

Answer: YES, I have.

Recent Updates in UK Property Loan Market (2015-2016)

  • Growth in the UK’s commercial property loan market continues notwithstanding economic uncertainty following the EU Referendum according to the De Montfort Commercial Property Lending Report.
  • Outstanding debt for UK commercial property totals to £173.4bn (3% increase since last quarter of 2015)
  • There is a 13% reduction in new loans from 2015, which means decrease in real estate investments.
  • UK financial groups and builders notice a significant rise in their share of new loans. (10% increase from 2015 to mid-2016)
  • There is significant growth in buy-to-let mortgage in 2015 because of higher housing prices.
  • Mortgage lending was up from June to December 2015 as lenders offered low interest rates.