TPS / PAF Cleansing & Number ValidationCompliance with the Data Protection Act means utilizing clean data while advancing your business. If you have a contact list or a list of addresses that you would like cleansed for your campaign, then Datablazers can categorize and validate this information for you. Modifying and suppressing files upgrade your database and directs you to engage loyal consumers and qualified prospects – those who may be interested in your products and services presentation.


Our Data Cleansing Services


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Telephone Preference Service (TPS) Cleansing

Avoid unnecessary costs and effort on numbers that are unlikely to generate favorable response. Our TPS Cleansing Service identify numbers that are on the telephone preference survey on your lists. DBI can facilitate this quickly and cost-effectively as well. With your up-to-date set of contacts, you can call with confidence and avoid any hefty fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). A number of businesses fail to notice the most recent ICO regulations. This makes them vulnerable to corporate risks and negative publicity.

Postcode Address File (PAF) Screening

We also offer PAF cleansing service to check if your database of addresses are accurate to the Royal Mail Postcodes and Address system. You may utilize this to configure address structure and to modify invalid or misspelled postcodes and addresses.


  • Economize on telemarketing time and costs by avoiding calls to Do-Not-Call phone numbers.
  • Corroborate your consumer databank contrary to our constantly updated TPS records.
  • Prevent undesirable public reviews and feedback for non-compliance with TPS regulations.


The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is a record of UK consumer phone numbers whose users have declared exemption from receipt of any telemarketing calls. Enforcement is done by the ICO and regulated by the Office of Communications through the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Organisations who violate the TPS regulations can be issued monetary penalties of up to £500, 000.

Thousands of consumers complain about still receiving nuisance calls from various corporations offering products and services despite their registration with the TPS. Avoid losing sales and customers because of working with databases in which TPS registrants have not been continuously identified. Contact DBI for dependable data cleansing tools, TPS checking service.


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