Being distant from customers means disconnection from their purpose of doing business with a company.  Over the years, businesses have been investing in solutions to improve consumer relations.  Many have incorporated the use of high technology to deliver digital solutions that aims to accommodate more customer feedback and inquiries.  However, consumers demand for interactive personable service – they want to speak with real people who could answer queries or provide solutions on products or services they avail.  Customers also expect fast and consistent correspondence in interacting with one’s company.

Customer base retention is indispensable for industries to stand out or to survive.  Specialists engaged in customer service often have difficulties meeting customer aspirations and ensuring gains at the same time. A number of IT-BPO companies consider redefining the balance between technology and personal touch in customer experience.  The main objective is to ensure good business-to-customer (B2C) connections and to avoid gaps.   Creating and maintaining such does not entail major changes on policies or modernization.  Knowing your base, customer behavior, their needs, concerns, and how economic conditions affect them keeps your business abreast of how to connect.   Most customers tend to forget what has transpired during a sales conversation, but they will always remember how they were treated by a company representative.

Staying connected to your clients has invaluable rewards. One is objectivity in perspective, which is important in planning campaigns and assessing strengths. Another is expansion –consumers get to increase their purchase or patronize a company’s products or services.  The most important is efficiency in providing solutions to concerns and issues being raised.

Businesses that give emphasis on customer experience are likely to be more advantageous that their competitors.  Retaining customers is time and cost-efficient compared to losing accounts and acquiring new ones despite the difficulties being dealt with.  Contact centers that have been operating for sometime have a wealth of experience in customer interaction. Companies should collaborate well with their call center partners to plan campaigns that meet both customer expectations and the company’s goals.





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