PILIPINAS: The Home That Welcomes YouIf there would be one thing that would make me visit another country, that would definitely be its known tourist spots. Nothing beats being able to be in a place where everybody has been wanting to be in. White sand, clear water, the perfect weather and you can only imagine how many artsy photos you’d take during your vacation. And the feeling that you get before you even get there is the best part because you let your wild imagination have its way to it.

But with Philippines, it is a different story.

Philippines is more than nice beaches and tourist spots, it is more than the Instagram photos you can see online, it is more than fancy hotels and famous landmarks, more than what a mental picture has to offer because the beauty of the Philippines can only be found in its people. Philippines is a Filipina you are going to fall in love with everyday; conservative yet amusing. You will always find yourself in awe with how stunning a country could be. And you would want to discover and explore her beauty that reflects how much it is being taken care of by its people. From down south to up north, you will want her. Her Sinigang and Adobo would make you want to build a home. The hospitality of the people would only make you want to build a household.

Today, Datablazers Inc (DBI) had three visitors who had already witnessed how exquisite Philippines is. The Sales Director and the Head of Contact Centre from one of their clients in the UK, along with the TQVS Director John Burdick had the chance to meet the staff of DBI Philippines in their office at Richville Tower located in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. The three visited the country to meet the team and visit the contact center that is located in Bacolod City. Also, one of the most important purposes of their visit is that so they would see for themselves how DBI works as a team. It is extremely important to DBI and to its clients to execute such visits so that a great relationship would be built as both run operations and to grow businesses together.

At some point in this life, we all deserve warm welcomes, great dishes, and genuine people to be with and to discover and know beauty beyond what a vision could offer. And that is why you need to go to the Philippines.

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