Project a Professional ImageMore than 20M business calls are made daily in the UK. Usually, successful dealings done through phone calls bank on how telemarketers or customer service representatives handle their calls. When conversing with customers or prospects over the phone, salespersons must always bear in mind that they represent the company.  Thus, company representatives must see to it that a professional image or manner is being projected every time a call is made.  The conversation may not be face-to-face, but the representative’s character and proficiency are conveyed clearly through the phone call.

Not everyone has that natural ability to speak eloquently and interestingly to a crowd, the so called ‘gift of gab’.  To develop a proficient image during a business call, company representatives have to focus on the consumer.  Datablazers Inc. (DBI) believes that constant communication with different customers hones business communication skills. Here are some of the key elements to cultivate:


Customers appreciate callers who converse politely from the start to the end of a call.  A professional company representative would always interact with attentiveness, interest, and sincerity to the customer/client.  Courtesy language should be observed throughout the conversation no matter how pleasant or irate the respondent is.

Be Organized

Company representatives must have adequate knowledge of the product or service to be discussed.  Familiarity with the necessary information makes it easier for the caller to answer customer inquiry and to address complaints.  Moreover, it enables the telemarketer to make presentations sound interesting even if the subject is being discussed routinely.


Preparing a script makes a call flow run smoothly and substantially.  With this, the company representative would have enough time to present his purpose and at the same time listen to the customer’s answers.  Enthusiasm and optimism is important during the conversation.  It is always suggested to smile when making business calls as the gesture generates positive energy.


Customers appreciate company representatives who have the initiative to deal with concerns being raised. It is important to cultivate the ability to think decisively and quickly in handling customer’s query, objections, and deals.


A responsive representative shows readiness in engaging customers.  Resolutions must ease and please the customer, not confuse.  A perky and sincere tone of voice must be observed to show willingness to help the consumer.  Also, avoid the use of words or jargons that respondents may not understand.

DBI gives emphasis on personnel development and training programs to make sure that company representatives deal with customers and business partners in their best professional image and manner, especially if transactions are mostly done through phone calls.   We conduct UK questionnaires that make consumers feel important, comfortable, and informed. With this, the company representative and the consumer could conclude with a successful sales talk.

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