Quality Assurance
Evaluating the quality of voice files entails time and the skill of QA Specialists. DBI offers quality checking on every campaign. All you have to do is – provide us the script, the criteria for assessment, and the rubrics for scoring. You can forward voice files on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, so we can do the quality checks and then send you back the results.

Using DBI’s QA service gives you more control on any marketing campaign you run and helps you make important changes to scripts and offers. Minor changes can make a huge difference to the results.

Why Do You Need Quality Assurance?
To keep up with products or services of standards set by clients or customers, a quality system has to be implemented. Quality Control and Management of your audio files or product is needed to maintain levels expected by you, your clients and prospects. Customer satisfaction and patronage is sustained with inclusion of feedback and testimonial accomodation. These also help in creating the criteria by which your product/service is to be quality checked.

Datablazers has a pool of Quality Assurance Specialists who have a decade of experience and expertise in the field. Thus, we endeavour/ aim / to provide reliability for QA services we provide.

Contact Renz on marketing@datablazersph.com to discuss how DBI can be part of your quality process.


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