Compliance and Audit Specialist, Jim Christopher Ezpeleta and another associate in Quality Assurance (QA), Maikho Espanola, are DBI’s team players for the month of June. These fellows have been hanging tough on their respective roles for quite sometime and have been consistent with their impressive performance.  Jim and Maikho practice good attendance and seriously comply with work deadlines.  Best of all, DBI has not incurred any client complaint because they make sure that products under their supervision meet the required criteria or levels.

DBI’s observance of different regulations and QA standards in the data industry is made possible by our team’s effort.  Jim and Maikho contribute to this adherence, by doing their tasks of evaluating voice files and creating training packs for their team with enthusiasm and persistence.   They have proved competence in quality checking and made sure DBI satisfies its clients.  To Jim and Maikho, the BPO industry has a lot in store for keen workers like you. Keep up the job well done!


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