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Fresh Telephone Generated SOLAR Leads

Manufacture and use of solar panels makes energy production environment-friendly as it makes use of the most abundant renewable resource, which is also free – sun energy. More homes and businesses would like to use this technology but lack the information on what to consider before purchasing and installing solar panels. Some customers can be misled by hasty sales talk. If your solar panel business would like to increase consumer awareness on solar panel usage, then Datablazers Inc. (DBI) can help you connect to more households and establishments.

Your solar panel business can access DBI’s data supply for your particular marketing campaign. You may choose only the information suited for your intent. DBI constantly upgrades and generates its own leads, so we guarantee you reliable statistics.

We carry out our marketing questionnaires all over the UK. To assess the target market objectively, we consider participation of ages 25 to 74 for this particular study. First, we clarify our intent and inform the respondents that a marketing representative may contact them thereafter based on their response to questions. Next, if the interviewee corresponds well, we ask them their basic personal information such as full name, age, home address & status of ownership, and phone numbers etc.


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Sample Marketing Questions

Q1. The next question is on behalf of (Your brand). Does your property currently have Solar Panels?

Answer: YES

Q2. Do you think having solar panels is more energy and cost efficient in the long run?

Answer: YES

Important Facts and Figures on UK’s Solar Power Industry

  • From May 2010 up to the present, 99% of the UK’s solar photovoltaic capacity has been installed.
  • The solar capacity of 9.2GW that has been mounted can power up 2.2 million UK homes. 39% of the capacity was deployed in 2015.
  • In 2015, solar sources generated 2.2% of electricity in the UK.
  • Nearly 50% of European Union investment in solar photovoltaics (PV) was completed in the UK
  • Anticipated solar capacity to have been installed in the UK by 2020 is 13GW.
  • In the first quarter of 2016, UK solar PV added 1.553GW making it the second largest quarter of solar PV additions seen to date, However, there will be a 38% year-on-year reduction due to policy changes that can affect the solar power industry.