Recent studies presented growth in conservatory sales in the UK market. AMA Research stated that the conservatory and glazed extensions market grew by approximately 3% in 2016 due to economic recovery and consumer optimism in house improvement over the past two years.  A steady yet modest growth is projected until 2020.   More homeowners have been doing Renovation Maintenance and Improvement (RMI) projects to upgrade existing structures with more efficient parts.

Woodworking companies, conservatory specialists and builders agree and have observed sustained strength in the market since 2012.   Product range and services offer more choices for demanding customers.  Variety in options encourages household spending on RMI of higher value.  Some of the product features that boost individualized projects (bespoke services) include thermal performance, glass material, and functionality.  Wider and diversified products have also offset price increases, especially for the budget sector.

Self-build conservatory installers and online specialists have flourished.  They offer Do-It-Yourself (DIY) methods to help homeowners cut costs on builders so they could spend more on high-quality materials for conservatories that last a decade.  Online specialists are said to offer wider options and product range than DIY outlets.  There are some who provide advisory for consumers on how to make sure that they get the best price and avoid conservatory pitfalls.

Market growth in 2017 and the coming years is likely to be affected by economic instability brought about by the Brexit proceedings.  Consumer confidence in RMI is still the driving factor to boost sales in the future.

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