Telephone Lead Generation


Datablazers offers telephone lead generation services that can be tailored to your specific business needs. We endeavour to provide highly-targeted, top quality leads in any vertical you require. To date, DBI has serviced over 80 satisfied clients in the UK, the USA, and in other countries worldwide. Our services have helped them expand their businesses and customers around the globe.

Fresh and Reliable Telephone Leads for Your Sales Campaign

Initiate an inquiry on consumer lifestyle or a co-registration questionnaire with DBI. We work with centres that produce over 3000 marketing questionnaires in a day! Our marketing enquiries generate essential information on what consumers need and want. Thus, you get the most responsive telephone data! DBI conducts an average of 60K to 65K new marketing questionnaires every month.


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Charity Insulation Unsecured Credit
Conservatory Insurance Photoshoot
Credit Score Investment Private Medical Insurance
Debt Management ISA Secured/Unsecured Loans

Best Deals worth Your Investment

  • We are confident in the quality of the leads that we generate because we work with all the industry leaders.
  • Make use of freshly generated UK data that will help close sales and increase productivity.
  • Capitalize on DBI’s database opted in consumer UK landline records.
  • We offer fast, high-quality lead generation services at competitive prices.

Reasons Why You Should Consider DBI for Your B2C Leads

  • DBI makes it easier for your business to conduct more product and services presentation.
  • Using DBI’s database gives you more time for other business activities.
  • DBI’s consumer profile can be used for continuous marketing – cross selling, upgrading subscription etc.
  • We can help you follow-up on consumers or clients who have concerns regarding payment or invoice settlement.
  • DBI’s marketing questionnaires can also smooth links to inactive subscribers or disgruntled customers. Our UK questionnaires can aid in reducing customer’s susceptibility to brand switching or to rejecting products/services.
  • DBI uses phone calls effectively in increasing consumer patronage, sales, and business to consumer interaction.
  • DBI’s marketing questionnaire guides you in assessing the market and recent trends.
  • We collaborate with our clients in creating their tailored marketing questionnaire to ensure results that cater to their sales campaign.

Make the most of DBI’s fresh telephone generated leads for a profitable and cost-effective way of selling your concepts, services and products.

Calling prospective clients remains a reliable lead generation method. The common notion about B2C telemarketing is its orthodox use in sales and cold calling when it could actually be used creatively and more effectively in business. Despite conception of new ways to procure consumer leads through the Internet and social media, Datablazers’ Inc. (DBI) Customer Contact Centers in the Philippines keep up with the production of fresh and well-classified data. One of our long-time clients commended ‘the data that we deliver has increased their sales significantly increased in just a few weeks.

We have a lot in-store for you in the vertical markets – from home essentials to financial services, technology, energy, healthcare, media, and so forth.

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