Without a doubt, DBI’s Best Employee for the month of July is Mark Joseph Recoter!  Mark always tries to be at his best and has proved self-reliance in accomplishing his share of important tasks in the production team.  Lately, he manages to handle Data Deliveries on schedule without too much dependence on the team leader’s directives and supervision.  Mark is the third associate from the Production Team to be recognized for notable achievements since the awards started in January.

“A deadline is a negative inspiration. Still, it’s better than no inspiration at all” (-Rita Mae Brown). Indeed, Mark seems to replicate what his favourite maxim implicates.  He mentioned that this outlook has influenced how he gets things done despite challenges and limitations.  Colleagues find Mark approachable, patient, and helpful.  His cheerful presence also perks up the ambiance at 701.

Mark is one of the techno-savvy millenials who are good at computer programming.  During rest days, he would spend time creating programs for beneficial purposes.  A program, which he made sometime in the past, helps physicians remind their patients of their schedule for consultation via automated advisory.  With open-mindedness to higher learning and to failure, this young man can exceed what he envisions.

A Round of Applause for Mark!

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