The UK Solar PV sector remains the leader in steering solar power growth in Europe by 29% despite recent amendments in renewable energy policies and withdrawal of government support that have caused decline in the UK solar panel business since mid-2015.  Traders approximate a third of the industry greatly affected by these changes, and more challenges must be faced to sustain trade despite budget cuts on solar panel incentives for households and allocation of funds for big solar farms.

With optimism in the solar energy growth worldwide, the future remains bright for UK’s Solar PV and energy storage businesses.  Besides, consumer awareness on renewable energy has increased significantly.   What needs to be done is modification in products so more consumers can avail of affordable solar PVs or energy containers.

On October 3-5, 2017, Solar & Storage Live, a conference and exhibit would be gathering various sectors at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham in its pursuit to empower energy transition. This year’s summit showcases new technologies in the solar industry that will strengthen shift to usage of clean energy. The high-executive conference also exhibits free theatre presentations containing discourse on current and future conditions that concerns the solar industry and consumer usage.

Solar manufacturers, clean energy groups, representatives of the academe, developers, land owners, financial groups and other related sectors are encouraged to participate in the event to make the most of the benefits.  Visitors will be able to receive industry support and guidance on policy changes and observe demonstrations on integrating the latest product and technology for solar PV, energy management and storage.  Tips on sales strategies and product diversification will be taught as well.   The conference will be an opportune moment to increase awareness on client behavior on solar PV usage and to expand network with top industry specialists and to collaborate on outsourcing solar PV leads.

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As of April 2017, DBI has over 2.7 million consumer profile.  Around   115,297 of which are fresh data of marketing questionnaire respondents for energy utilities.  Currently, we have at least 34,000 for solar. DBI constantly upgrades and generates its own leads, so we can provide you reliable records.

Datablazers Inc. can provide your business qualified leads or create a marketing questionnaire customized for your solar PV campaigns or any promotional events you would like to circulate.

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