Transfer Data SafelyConsumer data generation thrives simultaneously with new trends in interactive advertising. To protect consumer privacy, certain protocols should be implemented by both the lead generation sector and advertising companies to guarantee secured and efficient practices in the transfer and receipt of vital consumer information. Datablazers Inc. (DBI) upholds observance of such methodologies in providing clients quality leads.
DBI’s data transfer methodology utilizes Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), especially during delivery of large remote files. Also known as SSH File Transfer Protocol, SFTP allows file access, transfer, and handling over a secured data stream. With this, sensitive information and passwords are protected while passing through a safe channel. Data is encrypted before delivery to the data buyer. We also use Secure Cloud File sharing for device storage with adequate encryption security. When data buyers wish to have data transferred via email, DBI makes sure that files are also coded before actual delivery.
In March 2011, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released a document discussing the best practice principles in data transfer. The initiative aims to advise both advertisers and data suppliers on compliance with industry standards regarding the best safety and operational methodologies. Furthermore, it emphasizes consumer privacy protection despite the creation of more lead generation media and development of new advertising tactics. The document entitled, “Data Transfer and Security Best Practice Principles for UK-based Businesses that Collect and Use Data for Online Lead Generation”, focuses on standardizing file formats and methodologies for secured data transfer.
The best practices principles include:
Implementation of Live Feeds between the Data Supplier and the Buyer.
The social IT application enables both parties to monitor data transfer and receipt in real time. The buyer can issue receipts upon receiving leads while the seller can make an invoice of sales and declines during the actual process as well. Managing deals and accounting is made more efficient. Another benefit is that buyers gain fast access to hot leads which increases probability of better advertising or sales outcomes.
Improving Delivery of Multiple leads
Batch file transfers are vulnerable to data security threats and inconsistencies. Therefore, the IAB Lead Generation Council encourages observance of safety practices when delivering large volumes of leads. In addition to use of live feeds, strict encryption procedures should be applied at all levels.

Safeguarding Data Storage
Online lead generation companies are advised to store consumer data in accordance with the law requisites and security levels of data buyers and owners.
Despite increased demand for leads to supplement marketing efforts, Datablazers makes sure that its data transfer methodologies adhere to the best practice principles stated by the IAB Lead Generation Council.

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