Managing business operations of small to complex firms means handling great responsibilities.  The manager directs the organization for the business to operate successfully.  At DBI, we uphold some of the core principles in managing an outsourcing company.

  1. Knowledge of Client Interests

Customer satisfaction is first and foremost in any industry. A good manager knows how to direct the business to produce goods or services that cater to the needs and expectations of most clients/consumers.  Therefore, a good manager must spearhead good practices of customer servicing.

  1. Effective Communication Within and Outside the Organization

Constant interaction at all organization levels promotes good rapport between management and the employees, and among respective departments. Good management would maximize the use of various media in the workplace for collaborative business communications, not only in the company but in engaging clients, customers or prospects.

  1. Workforce Motivation and Empowerment

Managers, especially those of call center industries, should have contagious optimism. Their vital roles in the company operations include motivation of call center agents and other important personnel.  Agent retention is one of the common BPO issues in human resource management.   A good manager goes the extra mile to create programs (such as incentives, salary increase, and provision of statutory benefits) that preserve workforce numbers and quality.

  1. Performance Evaluation and Enhancement

Business operations improve with enhanced performance of the whole organization. Thus, management has to see to it that task accomplishment reports are done and forwarded systematically; meetings held regularly, and troubleshooting done as soon as possible. A good manager allots time to analyze documented or consolidated reports on work performance to suggest resolutions or create decisions that would lead the organization to further improvement.

  1. Expanded Knowledge of the Industry and the Factors Affecting It

Staying in the competition also means being informed of the current market condition, observed trends, and related trade policies.  Knowledge of external factors affecting the industry gives management a better understanding of how to project future operations.

  1. Familiarity with New Technology and Implements

Advanced software coupled with highly-skilled personnel increases the efficiency of operations.  Knowledge of the proper call center solutions to improve productivity and customer patronage is one of the key responsibilities of a BPO manager.

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