The best salespeople do not settle for their present expertise and practices. They always strive for further improvement. DBI highlights some of the abilities we look for when qualifying outbound agents.

Establishing good client rapport is key to sustaining relevant and successful sale talks. Outbound agents should therefore know their customers – their interests, capacity, limitations, goals, wants, things that influence their behavior towards purchasing goods and services. Salespeople may not succeed with their intent to close sales or even leave a good impression with the prospect or client, if they overlook “knowing their customers’ interests”. Having a consultative mindset means being able to recommend tailor-fit packages and solutions suited for the clients’ needs.


Withstanding rejection or negation every now and then can be encountered during any sales process. Skilled telemarketers know how to carry on even if they are refused or contradicted by cold prospects. They take on the challenge seriously and explore ways on how to convert cold calls to generate warm new clients.


Being able to grasp the clients’ or prospects’ intents easily is a skill developed through time. But if one is good at listening and comprehending simultaneously, conversing with various callers everyday can just be a breeze. Clients or prospects may sometimes deviate from the topic being discussed. The telesales professional knows how to handle this well without compromising length of call handling time and the objective of the call, which is advertisement or sales.

In addition to open-mindedness, forward-thinking is an edge when doing sales. Interest and knowledge in market trends, related industries, the general economy and a lot more that concerns consumers equip telemarketers with information that keeps the ball rolling.

Outbound sales agents have to master thinking outside the box. To succeed in closing sales, one must not solely rely on the usual sales processes. Thus, resourceful agents review market studies or related research to know how to handle prospects proficiently.

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