Suppression Files Good for ClientsKeeping the database cleansed and accurate is good for clients.  Some businesses, however, are reluctant suppressing files for certain reasons.  Clients benefit from suppression, as long as it is done in moderation. The process reduces campaign expenditure, improves questionnaire feedback, and boosts purchase activities. Brand protection is another main reason for managing database.  It increases customer patronage and satisfaction.   It is essential to note though that data should not be over or under suppressed to avoid cleansing valued information such as customer files, which are of more importance than a list of prospects.

In marketing, data cleansing is important because significant social and economic changes always take place – meaning, thousands of people pass away, some move to new homes, more people opt to get off a mailing or telemarketing list, and so forth. Therefore, in a span of six months, at least ten percent of the data records are no longer that accurate for future campaigns.  In identifying individuals that have to be cleansed from the current list, the proper tools should be considered to prevent deletion of files that should still be there.  Data cleansing in moderation helps prevent inaccurate suppression and other file errors.

To test suppression effectiveness, it is suggested that marketers try newly cleansed files to flag consumer data that may have not been upgraded during the process. However, what if the non-suppressed files generated better response and sales rates?  To avoid risks, clients would rather rely on trusted suppression brands, which constantly undergo evaluation.

Datablazers Inc. operates its own call centres where fresh telephone leads are being generated and upgraded on a regular basis. With these, telemarketers are guaranteed reliable supply of suppressed data and assured optimized correspondence and purchase activities.

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