A significant number of households still consider the usefulness of landline phones despite the dominance of mobile phone products and services.   The Office of Communications (Ofcom) statistics reported around 32.2 million fixed landlines (including ISDN channels) in the United Kingdom as of 2016.

A study conducted by Statista presents the satisfaction rating of home landline subscribers during the first quarter of 2017.  Nearly 50 percent of the respondents stated satisfaction with the service providers in terms of cost, quality, and reliability of services.

Handsets have evolved since the rotary dial days. Recent models are cordless, multi-functioned, and have various designs as manufacturers know how to cater to the needs of their targeted market – business establishments and the older generation.  Despite preference of more people to mobile handsets, these sectors serve as a steady market for the landline industry for the coming years.

New landline features include blocking specific numbers to avoid nuisance calls, pairing up with several smartphones via Bluetooth, battery back up that lasts up to at least 12 hours, locate mode to help find devices, sync up with computer applications, and a lot more of useful functions.

Another ideal market for contemporary landline models would be the rise of the home office.  More workers are trading the corporate race to pursue remote employment in the suburbs or the countryside.  Recent survey by the Office of the National Statistics estimates the number of home workers at around 4.2 million.  Two thirds of which were self-employed while the rest worked for business organizations.

The conferencing, intercom features, and big speakerphone of the landline suit the home office.   This would be an essential facility to complement other telecommunications channels while working remotely.   Voice quality on landline is better than on mobile phones. This is important in business communications.  Top localities cited for home office are Kent, North Yorkshire, North wales, Sussex, and North Wales.

For businesses, cell phones proved to require little expense, but the absence of a landline could be disadvantageous.  Having a landline account enlists establishments in business directories and makes their presence more visible to existing clients and potential customers.

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